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OGS, Oceanography
Scientific Activity: 

Operational oceanography for short-term forecasts and climate studies of Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry, large-eddy simulations of turbulence in tidally-driven boundary layers, High Performance Computing for oceanographic applications.

Recent Publications: 
  • Lazzari, P., Mattia, G., Solidoro, C., Salon, S., Crise, A., Zavatarelli, M., Oddo, P., and Vichi, M. (2013), The impacts of climate change and environmental management policies on the trophic regimes in the Mediterranean Sea: Scenario analyses, Journal of Marine Systems, Available online 13 June 2013, ISSN 0924-7963,
  • Lazzari, P., Solidoro, C., Ibello, V., Salon, S., Teruzzi, A., Béranger, K., Colella, S., and Crise, A. (2012), Seasonal and inter-annual variability of plankton chlorophyll and primary production in the Mediterranean Sea: a modelling approach, Biogeosciences, 9, 217-233, doi:10.5194/bg-9-217-2012.
  • S. Salon and V. Armenio (2011). A numerical investigation of the turbulent Stokes–Ekman bottom boundary layer. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 684 , pp 316- 352 doi:10.1017/jfm.2011.303
  • Salon, S., V. Armenio and A. Crise (2009), A numerical (LES) investigation of a shallow-water, mid-latitude, tidally-driven boundary layer, Env. Fluid. Mech., doi:10.1007/s10652-009-9122- y.