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Associate Professor of Numerical Analysis
Università di Trieste, Dipartimento di Matematica e Geoscienze
Scientific Activity: 

Numerical solution of functional differential equations: initial value problems, boundary value problems and eigenvalue problems.

Recent Publications: 

Breda D., Maset S., Vermiglio R. (2012). Computing the eigenvalues of Gurtin-MacCamy models with diffusion. IMA JOURNAL OF NUMERICAL ANALYSIS, vol. 32 (3), p. 1030-1050.


Breda D., Maset S., Vermiglio R. (2012). Numerical recipes for investigating endemic equilibria of age-structured SIR epidemics. DISCRETE AND CONTINUOUS DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS, p. 2675-2699.


Breda D., Maset S., Vermiglio R. (2012). Approximation of eigenvalues of evolution operators operators for linear retarded functional differential equations. SIAM JOURNAL ON NUMERICAL ANALYSIS, vol 50 (3), p. 1456-1483.


Maset S., Zennaro M. (2012). Stability properties of explicit exponential RungeKutta methods. IMA JOURNAL OF NUMERICAL ANALYSIS, ISSN: 0272-4979, doi: 10.1093/imanum/drr055