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OGS, Geophysics
Scientific Activity: 

Seabed mapping and sub-seafloor seismic imaging as tools to analyse sedimentary and tectonic processes occurring along active and passive continental margins in several areas of the Mediterranean Basin, with a particular interest in submarine geomorphologies that may represent potential marine hazards:  i.e. slope failures, erosional submarine canyons, fluid/gas seeps, seismogenic faults. 
Recent Publications: 

 Ceramicola S., S. Dupre’, L. Somoza, J. Woodside (2017). Cold seep systems. In Submarine geomorphology. Editors: A. Micallef, S. Krastel A. Savini  Ed. Springer Ch. 21

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Zecchin M., Ceramicola S., Lodolo E., Casalbore D., Chiocci F.L. (2015). Episodic, rapid sea-levelrises on the central Mediterranean shelves after the last glacial maximum: A review. MarineGeology, v. 369, p. 212-223, doi: 10.1016/j.margeo.2015.09.002

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Ceramicola S., D. Praeg, A. Cova, D. Accettella, M. Zecchin (2014). Seafloor distribution and last glacial to postglacial activity of mud volcanoes on the Calabrian accretionary prism, Ionian Sea. Geo-Marine Letters 10.1007/s00367-013-0354-y .

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