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The sedimentary record contains traces of Earth evolution, including climate changes, local and global environmental changes, and cataclysms. This study is also instrumental to gathering information on land surface and sea floor modifications, sedimentary basin development and evolution, and tectonic and geodynamic evolution at different scales.
The possible PhD themes of this section mainly focus on sedimentary processes in extreme environments, submarine slope instability, submarine landslides and en-mass flow, and on fluid and gas flow in sediments.
Studies will be carried out on present-day sea floor, submarine sedimentary successions, and the ancient sedimentary record preserved in mountain chains. These investigations imply interactions with marine geophysical methods, study of cores from wells, land surface remote sensing, classic stratigraphic, sedimentologic and structural field work, as well as geochemical, mineralogical and petrographic studies.
The following are possible research themes:

  • Geological and geophysical exploration in arctic environments.
  • Deep water sedimentation and risk estimation of underwater instabilities.
  • Mechanism and processes of submarine en-mass flows.
  • Reconstruction of the Paleoclimate at high latitudes.
  • Interaction of ocean water flows and sedimentation processes.
  • Processes of fluid and gas-charged fluid flows in the sedimentary column.
  • Mud diapirs and volcanoes.
  • Cold seepages at the sea floor, biological communities and chemoherm carbonates.