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23 cycle
Dr Alessandro Crise
Dr Fred Kucharski, Dr Annalisa Bracco
Curriculum, Annual Report, Thesis: 
  • Kucharski F., Bracco A., Barimalala R., Yoo J.H., 2010 Contribution of the east-west thermal heating contrast to the South Asian Monsoon and consequences for its variability Climate Dyn., Submitted
  • Wang C., Kucharski F., Barimalala R., Bracco A., 2009 Teleconnections of the tropical Atlantic to the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans: A review of recent findings Special Issue of Meteorologische Zeitschrift. vol. 18, 445-454, doi:10.1127/094
  • Barimalala R., Bracco A., Kucharski F., Crise A. Interannual to decadal variability of dominant modes in the ocean circulation of the Tropical Western Indian Ocean Abstract submitted and accepted to the AMS student Conference Atlanta 2010 (January 2010)
  • Barimalala R., Bracco A., Kucharski F., Crise A. The teleconnection of the Tropical Atlantic to the Tropical Indian Ocean: The ocean response Abstract submitted and accepted for the EGU meeting 2010 -Vienna (May2010)