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29 cycle
Camerlenghi (OGS), Forte (UniTS), Rebesco (OGS)
Colleoni (CMCC), Kirchner (SU)
Curriculum, Annual Report, Thesis: 
Current Position: 

Phd Student in Earth Science and Fluid Mechanics

Scientific Activity: 

My PhD project is supervised by A. Camerlenghi (OGS), F. Colleoni (CMCC), R. Colucci (ISMAR), E. Forte (University of Trieste), N. Kirchner (Stockholm University) and M. Rebesco (OGS). The aim of the project is to model the post-Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) deglaciation of a marine-based paleo-ice cap, located during the LGM in the Northwestern Barents Sea. Such an ice cap was part of the Svalbard/Barents Sea Ice Sheet (SBIS) and was drained by ice streams which contributed to form the Storfjorden-Kveithola depositional system (SKDS). The relatively small (compared to other LGM glacial systems) catchment area of the ice cap should reflect in a more rapid response to climatic changes. The existence of such an ice cap is suggested by marine geomorphological data. We are interested in modelling the flow of the ice from the drainage area (Bear Island and Spitsbergen Banken) into the SKDS. In particular we wish to investigate the Grounding-Zone Wedges formation and the meltwater production, possibly comparing the modelling with existing data. In order to model a glacial system (including ice streams and ice shelves, the so-called fast-flowing areas), to use a multiflow ice model is necessary. A first set of simulations will be performed by using the GRISLI ice code developed by Ritz et al. at LGGE (CNRS, France).


Master Degree in Mathematics, University of Trieste, October 2013.

Thesis title: "Inverse Acoustic Scattering Problem with Polyhedral Obstacles".


Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, University of Camerino, December 2010.