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28 cycle
Current Position: 

Ph.D. student in Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics, University of Trieste.

Scientific Activity: 

I am currently working on analogue gravity systems in water. We are attempting to test superradient scattering (the field theory analogue of the Penrose process) using a custom built flume.

  • Classical aspects of Hawking radiation verified in analogue gravity experiment, Silke Weinfurtner, Edmund W.Tedford, Matthew C.J.Penrice, William G.Unruh, Gregory A.Lawrence, Proceedings of the IX'th SIGRAV graduate school: Analogue Gravity, Lake Como, Italy, May 2011
  • Measurement of stimulated Hawking emission in an analogue system, Silke Weinfurtner, Edmund W. Tedford, Matthew C. J. Penrice, William G. Unruh, Gregory A. Lawrence, Phys.Rev.Lett.106:021302,2011
  • Constraining white-dwarf kicks in globular clusters : IV. Retarding Core Collapse, Jeremy S. Heyl, Matthew Penrice, MNRAS