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28 cycle
Prof. Vincenzo Armenio
Current Position: 

Ph.D student of the XXVIII cycle of the Doctorate School in Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics at University of Trieste (Italy).

Scientific Activity: 

March to July 2011, Cambridge (UK): Research at CERC (Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants) on the validation and implementation of a new model for the simulation of the Urban Heat Island phenomenon (ADMS Temperature and Humidity model) - December 2011 Master of Science in Physics at the University of Salento, Master Thesis: Urban Heat Island analysis by the mean of ADMS model - 2012 Research at University of Salento on comparison between two different model in Simulation of Urban Heat Island.


Atmospheric Physics, Physics Department - University of Salento (Italy).

  • ICUC8: 8th International Conference on Urban Climate and 10th Symposium on the Urban Environment 6th-10th August 2012, Dublin, Ireland. “Comparison of ADMS-Temperature and Humidity model and ENVIMET and measured temperature values”: M. Santo, G. Maggiotto, J. Stocker, D. Carruthers , S. Di Sabatino.
  • HARMO 15: 15th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes. 6-9 May 2013, Madrid, Spain. “Study of the Urban Heat Island in Lecce (Italy) by means of ADMS and ENVI-MET” :G.Maggiotto, R. Buccolieri, M. Santo, S. Di Sabatino.