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21 cycle
Prof. Giuseppe Furlan
Dr. Fulvio Stel and Dr. Dario Giaiotti, OSMER - FVG
Current Position: 

Post-doc at Department of Chemistry, Purdue University (Indiana - USA)

Scientific Activity: 

Intensity distribution of mesoscale and local scale vertical atmospheric vortexes (mesocyclones and tornadoes) The natural attitude of Earth's atmosphere in producing vortexes is going to be studied, restricting the vorticity spectrum to its vertical component and to the scale that spans from storm-scale up to meso-gamma scale. In particular the intensity distribution (i.e., maximum observed or estimated horizontal wind speed) of mesocyclones and tornadoes is going to be studied. After the bibliographic research needed to fix the "state of the art" , the physical reasons behind the observed intensity distributions are going to be looked for, making use of Navier-Stokes equation and of the similarity techniques already adopted in other geophysical fields (e.g., solid earth physics for the earthquakes) as well as of the theory of distributions developed in theoretical and mathematical physics. This work will increase the knowledge in a branch of atmospheric sciences, that of vortexes climatology, so far poorly developed. Apart for the general knowledge and comprehension of atmospheric dynamics, that this work will increase, and the improvements in risk management due to a better estimate of returning periods of each class of events, this study might give some contributions even in the topic of climate changes. In particular, provided that the physical reasons for the observed mesocyclones and tornadoes intensity distributions are find for specific areas of the world, these might in principle be used to give an estimate of the changes that those intensity distributions are going to experience as a consequence of the climate changes. The databases that are going to be used in this study comes from NOAA (US) and from ESWD (EU).

  • I. Gladich, I. Gallai, D. B. Giaiotti, G. Mordacchini, A. Palazzo and F.Stel: Mesoscale Heat Waves Induced by Orography. Advances in Science and Research, 2, 139-143, 2008
  • I. Gladich, D. B. Giaiotti, F. Stel and I.Gallai: Fluid Dynamics Constraints Affecting the Formation of Intense Vortices in Atmosphere paper submitted to Atmospheric Research for a special issue on ECSS-2009, January 2010
  • I. Gladich, D. B. Giaiotti, F. Stel and I.Gallai: On the diurnal cycle of deep moist convection in the southern side of the Alps paper submitted to Atmospheric Research for a special issue on ECSS-2009, January 2010