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24 cycle
Dr. Luigino Zovatto
Dr. Marzio Piller
Curriculum, Annual Report, Thesis: 
Current Position: 

Postdoctoral fellow at BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

Scientific Activity: 

I got a MS in Environmental Engineering and during my PhD I worked on the development and testing of numerical methods for the solution of fluid dynamics problems. In particular I worked on high-order discontinuous control-volume/finite-element methods (DCVFEM), and high-order finite difference methods, for the solution of problems involving shocks and high gradients. I joined BCAM as a Post-doc fellow in May 2012, and I am currently working on the BCAM-Baltogar project for the set-up of a software platform for the simulation and design of turbomachinery. I am also continuing the research activity on the DCVFEM and its three-dimensional extension to generic curved elements of arbitrary order of accuracy.


I got a MS in Environmental Engineering at Universita' degli Studi di Trieste. I worked with Prof. V. Armenio on LES simulations of coastal problems.

  • F. Roman a, G. Stipcich, V. Armenio, R. Inghilesi, S. Corsini Large eddy simulation of mixing in coastal areas International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 2010
  • Development and application of high-order discontinuous CVFEM algorithms, G.Stipcich, M.Piller, L.Zovatto, article published at 2010 28th UIT Heat Transfer Congress Brescia, Italy, June 21-23
  • Discontinuous control-volume/finite-element method for advection-diffusion problems, G.Stipcich, M.Piller, M.Pivetta, L.Zovatto, Computers & Fluids 52, pp. 33-49, 2011
  • G. Stipcich, C. Liu, High-order mixed weighted compact and non–compact scheme for shock and small length scale interaction. 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA-2012-575, 2012