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Università di Trieste, Dipartimento di Matematica e Geoscienze
Recent Publications: 

A.  Gallo,G.  Costa,P.  Suhadolc (2014). Near real-time automatic moment magnitude estimation. BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING (ISSN:1570-761X), pp.185- 202, Vol. 12,

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Cauzzi C., Faccioli E., Costa G. (2011). 1D and 2D site amplification effects at Tarcento (Friuli, NE Italy), 30 years later. JOURNAL OF SEISMOLOGY (ISSN:1383-4649), pp.1- 17, Vol. 15(1),

Imperatori W., Aochi H., Suhadolc P., Douglas J., Costa G.
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Moratto L., Costa G., Suhadolc P. (2009). Ground Motion Estimation Using Shakemaps and Scenarios. In: Trifunac M. D.. Selected Topics in Earthquake Engineering – From Earthquake Source to Seismic Design and Hazard Mitigation. Trifunac M. D., Banja Luka: pp.311- 330,

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SUHADOLC P.; MORATTO L; COSTA G; TRIANTAFYLLIDIS P (2007). Source modelling of the Kozani and Arnea 1995 events with strong motion estimates for the city of Thessaloniki.. JOURNAL OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING (ISSN:1363-2469), pp.560- 581, Vol. 11,

DOUGLAS J; AOCHI H; SUHADOLC P; COSTA G. (2007). The importance of crustal structure in explaining the observed uncertainties in ground motion estimation.. BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING (ISSN:1570-761X), pp.17- 26, Vol. 5,

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