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Professore Associato
Università di Trieste, Dipartimento di Matematica e Geoscienze
Scientific Activity: 

Triggering, transport and deposition of submarine landslides. Fluid flows in sediments, mud diapirs and volcanoes. Cold seepages at the sea floor, related biological communities and chemoherm carbonates. Geology of mélanges.

Recent Publications: 

  • Conti, S., Fontana, D., Lucente, C.C., Pini, G.A. (2014) Relationships between seep-carbonates, mud volcanism and basin geomety in the Late Miocene of the Northern Apennines of Italy: the Montardone mélange. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 103, 281-295.
  • Rovere, M., Gamberi, F.,  Mercorella, A., Rashed, H., Gallerani, A., Leidi, E., Marani, M., Funari, V., Pini, G.A. (2014) Venting and seepage systems associated with mud volcanoes and mud diapirs in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea. Marine Geology, 347, 153-171.

  • Pini G.A., Ogata K., Camerlenghi A., Festa A., Lucente C.C., Codegone G. (2012) Chapter 52: Sedimentary Mélanges and Fossil Mass-Transport Complexes; A Key for Better Understanding Submarine Mass Movements? In: Y. Yamada et al. (eds.), Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences, Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research, 31, Springer, Doordrecht, 585-694.
  • Conti, S., Fontana, D., Mecozzi, S., Panieri, G., Pini, G.A. (2010) Late Miocene seep-carbonates and fluid migration on top of the Montepetra intrabasinal high (Northern Apennines, Italy): Relations with synsedimentary folding. Sedimentary Geology, 231, 41-54.