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23 cycle
Prof. Katepalli R. Sreenivasan
Prof. Michael E. Fisher, Prof. Daniel P. Lathrop, University of Maryland, College Park
Curriculum, Annual Report, Thesis: 
Current Position: 

Postdoctoral fellow at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (NORDITA) and at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Recipient of the postdoctoral fellowship from the Göran Gustaffson Fundation.

Scientific Activity: 

Cecilia PhD research dealt with vortex reconnection in quantum fluids. Vortex reconnection occurs when two vortices intersect and rejoin with exchanged tails. This process is an essential feature of superfluid turbulence and has been observed experimentally only recently. However, vortex reconnection has also been studied in classical fluids, in superconductors, in liquid crystals, heart tissue, cosmic strings and in magnetized plasmas, turning out to be relevant as an interdisciplinary topic. In fluid mechanics the study of this phenomenon is oriented towards a better understanding of vortex dynamics, which is considered to be a central issue for both classical turbulence and quantum turbulence. In 2012 Cecilia moved to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, where she focused on the study of turbulence in stratified flows in collaboration with Annick Pouquet, Pablo Mininni, Duane Rosenberg and Raffaele Marino.


Cecilia Rorai received a BSc and a MSc in Environmental Engineering from Universita' degli Studi di Padova. Cecilia conducted her PhD research at University of Maryland as a visiting graduate student and graduated in Trieste in April 2012 with a PhD thesis entitled "Vortex Reconnection in Superfluid Helium".

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  • C. Rorai P. D. Mininni and A. Pouquet. Turbulence comes in bursts in stably stratified flows. Phys. Rev. E 89, 043002 (2014). (Image selected for Kaleidoscope)[arXiv:1308.6564]
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