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Research Scientist, Solid-Earth Geophysics
ICTP, Earth System Physics Section
Scientific Activity: 

My students, collaborators and I use seismology, space geodesy, tectonics and numerical experiments to understand the following topics:

  • Mechanics of earthquakes and faulting
  • Structure and rheology of the lithosphere in active earthquake and volcanic regions
  • Physics of transient deformation
  • Active tectonics and earthquake hazard
Recent Publications: 
  • Aoudia, A., Sarao’, A., Bukchin, B. and Suhadolc, P., 2000. The 1976 Friuli (NE Italy) thrust faulting earthquake: A reappraisal 23 years later, Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 27, 573-576.
  • Aoudia A., Vaccari, F., Suhadolc, P. and Meghraoui, M., 2000. Seismogenic potential and earthquake hazard assessment in the Tell Atlas of Algeria, Journal of Seismology, vol. 4, 79-98.
  • Bajc, J., Aoudia A., Sarao’, A. and Suhadolc, P, 2001. The 1998 Bovec-Krn mountain (Slovenia) earthquake sequence, Geophysical Research Letters Vol. 28 , 1839-1842.
  • Aoudia, A., Borghi, A., Riva, R., Barzaghi, R., Ambrosius, B. A. C.; Sabadini, R.; Vermeersen, L. L. A.; Panza, G. F. 2003. Postseismic deformation following the 1997 Umbria-Marche (Italy) moderate normal faulting earthquakes, Geophysical Research Letters, v. 70, 1390-1393.
  • Chimera, G., Aoudia, A., Sarao’, A., and Panza, G.F., 2003. Active Tectonics in Central Italy: constraints from surface wave tomography and source moment tensor inversion. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interior (PEPI), 138: 241-262.
  • Fitzko F., Aoudia A., Suhadolc P., Panza G.F., 2005. Constraints on the location and  mechanism of the 1511Western-Slovenia earthquake from active tectonics and modeling of macroseismic data. Tectonophysics, 404, 77-90.
  • Meghraoui M., Maouche S., Chemaa B., Cakir Z., Aoudia A., Harbi A., Alasset P.J., Ayadi A., Bouhadad Y., Benhamouda F., 2005. Coastal uplift and thrust faulting associated with the M[w] = 6.8 Zemmouri (Algeria) earthquake of 21 May, 2003, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 31, No. 19, L19605
  • Aoudia A., Ismail-Zadeh A., Romanelli F., 2007. Buoyancy-Driven Deformations and Contemporary Tectonic Stress in the Lithosphere beneath Central Italy, Terra Nova, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3121.2007.00776.x, 490-495.
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  • Ismail-Zadeh, A., Aoudia, A., Panza, G.F., 2010. Three-dimensional numerical modeling of contemporary mantle flow and tectonic stress beneath the Central Mediterranean, Tectonophysics. 482 226-236
  • Rindraharisaona, E., Guidarelli, M., Aoudia, A., Rambolamanana, G., 2012. Earth structure and instrumental seismicity of Madagascar: Implications on the seismotectonics, Tectonophysics, Vol. 594, 165-181
  • Barletta, V., Bordonia, A., Aoudia, A., Sabadini, R., 2012. Squeezing more information out of time variable gravity data with a temporal decomposition approach, Global and Planetary Change, Vol. 82-83, 51-64.